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Kick back and enjoy listening to shows that feel like sitting down to discuss movies, television, and more with some of your closest (internet) friends!

Cool Breeze Over the Mountains

The one that started it all! A chronological film rewatch journey of the one and only Keanu Reeves.

The Kurt Locker

A chronological film rewatch podcast of Kurt Russell. New episodes (nearly) every week. Now in season two!


A mini-series where we revisit the billion dollar action-horror franchise Resident Evil and talk about their impact on the genre.

“Do you enjoy clever folks talking about movies? Well then have I got the podcast for you! A really fun listen, feels like you're sitting around with friends.”

Jodie F.
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“Not every movie is great but every episode is a delight and some segments are the best parts of my week.”

James W.
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“I came for Keanu and stayed for the cohosts. I think I may have to devote the rest of my life to spreading the gospel of this funny and wonderful podcast.”

Holly F.
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“It's like hanging out with your witty friends... if your friends were really obsessed with Keanu Reeves and 80's music.”

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